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Local villager on Zaddik's planet and father to Zaddik. Goran was with the team sent to investigate the crash of a Wraith craft. For fear that the trespassers would do the people harm they chose not to take chances, killing the beings and burning them. It was because of this incident that Goran would later be wary of other outsiders.

At around this time Goran lost his son, he believed, to the Daimos (Wraith). Actually Zaddik had recovered a young Wraith girl from the crash and went off into the mines to raise her as his own.

Goran had been a grandfather to at least one child, Zaddik's son who had died of a fever when Zadak was about 24. When Zaddik would have been 34 he found his son was alive. However, he looked the same age as Goran. Ellia, the Wraith girl, had sapped the life out of him to quench her hunger. It was not long after that Zaddik died, and Goran returned to his village.


PLAYED BY - Stephen Dimopoulos


Instinct - Goran encourages Sheppard's unit to move on from his people and their village, but his attitude toward them changes when he learns that they may be able to defeat the Daimos.