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For the Marine stationed on board the Daedalus, see Hutchinson


Psychiatric analyst employed by the U.S. government, who has security clearance sufficient to work with members of the Stargate program. Hutchison was charged with administering Vala Mal Doran's psychological evaluation to determine whether or not she was fit for duty at the S.G.C. His tests came in various forms, from ink blots to the use of a lie detector.

The ink blot test failed with Vala. As she saw each different blot pattern she spouted out various positive abstract terms like "courage" and "respect." The lie detector humiliated her, eventually leading Vala to confess that she herself felt she was not necessarily cut out to be a member of Stargate Command.

Ultimately, however, Hutchison cleared Vala for active duty, making her a probationary member of S.G.C. He described her as having a great deal of potential. Such feelings were not mutual, however. Vala visited General Hank Landry in private and baselessly accused Hutchinson of suffering from Klinefelter's Syndrome.


PLAYED BY - Ben Ratner


Morpheus - Dr. Hutchison arrives to administer Vala Mal Doran's psych test, which she believes she can foil by researching on the Internet.