Jean LaPierre

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French member of the International Oversight Advisory. Mr. LaPierre was invited on a tour of Stargate Command's Gamma Site, some 24,000 light years from Earth.

While at the Gamma Site the base came under siege by R75 insects which managed to get free of their confines and seek out their new food source -- meat. LaPierre and the rest of the delegation were evacuated from the base by SG-1. For approximately a day they survived on the planet away from the base, traveling on foot and spending the night in a cave.

LaPierre was consistently irritable during the excursion, assuming the worst and interfering with the team's eagerness to press on. He and the rest of the group survived to the remote research station, where Samantha Carter redirected the transmitter equipment into space, where it would be detected by the Odyssey.

Following the incident on Gamma Site, LaPierre returned to work at the I.O.A.

Note: LaPierre's first name is given only in the script for "The Scourge."


PLAYED BY - Mark Oliver
FIRST APPEARED - The Fourth Horseman, Part 2


The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 - LaPierre is among the delegates who visit the S.G.C. during the Prior epidemic.
The Scourge - Mr. LaPierre represents his country in a mission to visit Stargate Command's Gamma Site, getting more of an adventure than he bargained for.