Kaleb Miller

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Husband of Jeannie Miller, whom he met in college while majoring in English. Likely fathering their first child while still in school, Jean and Kaleb's priorities shifted virtually instantly. Jeannie ceased her career path and, upon Madison's birth, devoted all of her priorities to her baby.

Kaleb had never seen -- much less met -- Jean's brother, Rodney, before young Madison had turned four. His wife's submission of a math proof to Professor Graeme Peel at the California Institute of Technology sparked an idea in the Air Force, who turned to Rodney to mobilize Jean's interest in the project.

When Jeannie discovered the truth about the Stargate, space travel and the scope of her math proof, Kaleb was the only person she told. In fact, Kaleb himself was responsible for convincing Jean that she had to take part in bringing her vision to reality.

A year or so later his family's lives were thrust into turmoil when his wife was kidnapped at gunpoint from their home in Vancouver. To stop his young daughter worrying he told her that mummy had gone away on a trip for a little while.

Kaleb is a devoted father and husband, and is versed in cooking nutritious meals, including tofu chicken.


PLAYED BY - Brendan Gall
FIRST APPEARED - McKay and Mrs. Miller


McKay and Mrs. Miller - Kaleb meets his wife's brother for the first time, but has no idea of the scope of the news he brings.
Miller's Crossing - Kaleb's world is shattered when Jeannie gets kidnapped.