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Ancient Egyptian man. Katep and his brother, Salatis, arrived in Giza with plans to travel to the temple of Ra and make an offering at their god's feet. The night before he put up SG-1 in his temporary home. The team later followed the brothers into Ra's temple where they presented their offering. Ra, however, was not impressed by the box of trinkets, and killed Salatis out of their worthlessness.

Katep, deeply affected by the loss of his brother, was eventually convinced to rise against Ra. He stayed in Giza and learned English from the team. Eventually he watched as all members of the unit, save for Dr. Daniel Jackson, were captured and killed, as they were unwilling to wait for the uprising to come.

Katep and Daniel drew together their plans for a new uprising, but when an alternate reality team of SG-1 traveled into the past the men realized that something would go wrong. Although their plan would be a success, it was different enough from the original uprising that Ra would be able to take the Stargate with him instead of abandoning it in Ancient Egypt. Katep did his part in the revised battle plan, successfully taking Egypt back for the people.


PLAYED BY - Alessandro Juliani
FIRST APPEARED - Moebius, Part 1


Moebius, Part 1 - Katep arranges for SG-1 to stay with him, but the next day at the temple witnesses his brother killed at the hands of Ra.
Moebius, Part 2 - Katep honors his brother's memory by defying his god and rising up against him with Daniel Jackson an alternate reality team.