Kelownan resistance

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Fictional movement developed entirely in the mind of Dr. Kieran, head of the Kelownan naquadria project on the planet that was eventually named Langara. Eager to prevent all-out war between Kelowna and the competing nations of Terrania and the Andari Federation, Kieran's deadly exposure to naquadria resulted in mental deterioration, with full-blown hallucinations in which he was key to saving his people from war.

In Kieran's mind the resistance was based in the Kelownan capital. Their ultimate goal was to force First Minister Velis to dramatically rethink his plans to keep Terrania and the Andari Federation from forming an alliance with one another by pulling all parties to the bargaining table.

Kieran's worst fears came true when Kelowna eventually dropped a naquadria bomb on its neighbors. But he was likely on Earth in an intensive care unit when this occurred.


Shadow Play - Dr. Kieren attempts to gain SG-1's aid in helping the Kelownan resistance take over the Kelownan administration.