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For the Air Force Special Investigations officer, see Richard Kendrick


Father to Nevin, Kendrick worked to maintain the gardens on P3X-289, within the atmospheric containment dome where his people resided. At first he was very welcoming of Jack O'Neill and Teal'c into his home. He believed SG-1 had traveled from another part of their planet, and was surprised to learn they came from another world entirely. After learning about a "real" world Kendrick decided he would take Nevin away from the dome to live in a place that was not a fantasy.

But The Link, a computer network that connected all the town's residents, reprogrammed Kendrick's mind a left him with no desire to leave the planet. Pallan and Samantha Carter successfully disengaged Kendrick, Nevin, and the rest of the town's people from the Link. Soon after, SG-1 relocated them to a new planet to call home.


PLAYED BY - Peter LaCroix


Revisions - Kendrick expresses his desire to leave the bio-dome with SG-1, until the Link rewrites his memories and sends him after O'Neill and Teal'c.