Kor Asek

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His name translating to "Iron Shirt," Kor Asek is the alpha male of one of the chief tribes of Unas on P3X-403. Kor Asek lead his people into battle against the Tau'ri, believing they had come to invade and destroy their sacred grounds -- where a team from Earth had discovered the naquadah mine where the Unas' ancestors had died in service to the Goa'uld.

Kor Asek met with Daniel Jackson and Chaka in the dead of night and, after a great deal of persuasion, came to agree with the human that an outcome other than bloodshed were possible.

Later provoked by the mining team, Kor Asek led the Unas tribes along the fringes of the operation to assault the Earth officers, but came forward to offer the humans one more chance at peace. The Tau'ri knelt before him in submission, recognizing him as the alpha male. Afterward, Kor Asek was willing to discuss arrangements; he agreed that he and his people would mine the naquadah in honor of their ancestors, giving the material over to the Tau'ri to be used against the Unas' former slavers.


PLAYED BY - Alex Zahara


Enemy Mine - Kor Asek is provoked by the Stargate mining operation when he discovers they wish to begin digging on his ancestor's burial grounds.