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Former Jaffa enslaved to Cronus, who settled with other like-minded Jaffa on planet Kallana after the downfall of his god. When a Prior of the Ori came to his world Latal was unafraid to voice his people's opinion that they did not wish to immediately trade one false god (the Goa'uld) for another. After an initial visit from a Prior he spent time reading from their Book of Origin, and dismissed it.

After the Prior's return to the planet, Latal met him at the Stargate with a troop armed with staff weapons. After offering him a fair chance to leave the planet, Latal and his men fired on the Prior -- who then used his own staff to blow the entire group into the sky, likely to their deaths.


PLAYED BY - Donald Adams


Beachhead - Latal, intent on not worshiping more false gods, leads a group of Jaffa to the Stargate to dispose of the Prior.