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Name given to a former Wraith now converted into a human by Carson Beckett's iratus bug retrovirus. He found himself alive among numerous others of his race on the surface of a planet, supervised by teams of the Atlantis expedition with no memory of his past as a Wraith.

Lathan had numerous questions, including how long he and his people would be kept on the planet. He was made to believe that only the men of his world were infected by a deadly virus. But soon he disappeared, convinced the whole camp was an elaborate lie.

Michael, who had also reverted into a human, had begun to remember pieces of his Wraith past. Determined to escape himself, he gathered several converted Wraith together to support his cause and murdered Lathan when he became a liability to his own escape plan.


PLAYED BY - Brahm Taylor


No Man's Land - After canisters of the retrovirus are deployed on board an enemy hive ship, Sheppard's team boards and encounters Lathan and the other humanized Wraith.
Misbegotten - Lathan, one of many Wraith who were reverted to humans with the retrovirus, is made to believe that his race has become inflicted by a deadly strain.