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Real name of the wife of Nodaal (Orner). Layale and Nodaal were subject to Linea's experiments and found themselves running down a street when they succumbed to the Vorlix.

Layale and Nodaal shared a grumpy-old-couple relationship, having no clue of their past lives. She was irritated when Ke'ra, the younger version of Linea, and Orner continued to believe that they were really husband and wife.

Layale traveled with Nodaal and Ke'ra to Earth, where her husband began testing for dargol antidotes. One eventually worked, and he identified her true name to be Layale, his wife, married for 43 years.


PLAYED BY - Marya Delver
FIRST APPEARED - Past and Present


Past and Present - Layale travels to Earth to witness Orner realize his true name, and hers as well. She is then given the antidote.