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Young daughter of Keturah, the leader of their village. Passionate and kind, Linor was the first of her people to take in Runner Ronon Dex, who had stumbled into their village late one evening. Not thinking, he allowed the people to welcome him, tend to his wounds and restore his health. He neglected to realize that the tracking device embedded in his back would encourage the Wraith to come and cull the planet.

In the night, the Wraith arrived. Linor was soon a victim of a Wraith warrior, who fed upon her mercilessly. Keturah, who witnessed her life force drain away, would later feed off his own rage when he recaptured Dex. Possessing a Wraith transmitter, he would summon the Wraith for Ronon. Instead of congratulations, he brought about the complete annihilation of his people.


PLAYED BY - Alexandra Carter


Sateda - Linor tends to Ronon's wounds, not realizing he is a Runner -- a Wraith-bringer.