Lyle Pender

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Hebridian prisoner aboard the transport vessel Seberus. When the vessel crashed on an uninhabited world Pender, Aden Corso, and Tanis Reynard broke free from their confinement and killed six of the officers on guard while two others were out looking for food and water. For three years Pender and his fellow prisoners maintained control of the Seberus until SG-1 arrived and gave aid.

The prisoners then acted as if they were the crew of the Seberus. As their former Serrakin guards attempted to inform SG-1 about the truth of the situation Pender continued to run them off with his weapon, intent on destroying them.

Pender and the others were finally captured when Raynard returned from Earth with Stargate coordinates to a planet with riches beyond their wildest dreams. It was actually Earth's coordinates, and the prisoners were swiftly recaptured for the Serrakin Warrick to finally take to their destination. Pender is presumed to be serving out his sentence.


PLAYED BY - David Paetkau


Forsaken - Lyle Pender masquerades as one of the non-prisoner survivors from the Seberus.