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A Jaffa of the Gomai Foothills on Chulak. Ma'kar conspired with Rak'nor to capture Teal'c and present him to Apophis from Heru'ur as a gift of their impending alliance. He and Rak'nor selected a time and place on Chulak where they would meet.

Teal'c believed he was meeting to discuss plans to sew strength into the Jaffa rebellion. Instead he uncovered vital intelligence including revealing rebel Jaffa members Kol'na and Hak'nor. Rak'nor ordered the presence of a Jaffa who used a zat'ni'katel to render Teal'c unconscious.

Ma'kar had a young son.


PLAYED BY - Art Kitching
FIRST APPEARED - The Serpent's Venom


The Serpent's Venom - Ma'kar and Rak'nor meet with Teal'c under the pretense of discussing how to further the Jaffa rebellion, instead with the intent of capturing him.