Mal Doran

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A legal proceeding of justice conceived by Vala Mal Doran (the title being a personal joke) posing as the Goa'uld Qetesh for the inhabitants of P8X-412, and likely the other worlds she ruled. It has not been held on 412 in a considerable period of time, likely not since she last ruled with any regularity.

In the Mal Doran, Qetesh was the sole judge, and likely served as jury as well. Charges were read at the beginning of the session. Then Qetesh would make her case. Afterwards, the individual was likely sentenced.

This form of justice was likely used by Qetesh as subterfuge to force her followers into believing that she did possess a shred of benevolence.

The Mal Doran was reopened by a forum led by Azdak, intent on trying and convicting Vala for her deeds in the four years since her separation from the Goa'uld. Included in this list was planet-wide forced labor in the naquadah mines. In this new, modified form of the trial, subjects can be sentenced to death, life imprisonment, or other forms of punishment.


The Powers That Be - The inhabitants of P8X-412 hold a Mal Doran to determine the punishment for Vala's past wrongs against the people.