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Sovereign of the destroyed world Talthus, destined to rule over Ardena. Martice's cryogenic sleep chamber lost power after the Stromos crash landed on P2A-347. After 12 years on the planet, Officer Pharrin was forced to deactivate power to the chamber maintaining Martice's body and transfer his consciousness to the mind of Daniel Jackson.

Particularly disagreeable and offended by physical contact, Martice found himself at an advantage when he realized his mind had been transferred to a younger, stronger body, and did not approve of the idea of relinquishing his new possession. He objected to being confined in an S.G.C. isolation ward, and his pains were not abated by Earth medicines. He was compelled to remain within Daniel Jackson, knowing when, or rather if, he reached Ardena, it would no doubt improve his presence and power as a Sovereign.

Officer Pharrin directly disobeyed Martice's wishes when he decided to transfer the dozen or so minds within Daniel Jackson back into his own. Martice then became a single individual among some 30 other souls surviving within Pharrin's body, his own physical form long-dead.


PLAYED BY - Michael Shanks


Lifeboat - Martice awakens to find himself within Daniel Jackson's body, with no clue of where he is or why he is not in orbit of Ardena.