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Villager of P9C-882. Matar was a pragmatist among his people, willing to consent to worshiping the Ori in exchange for sparing the lives of his people. He stood opposed to the village leader, Thilana, who he believed would sacrifice her own people to protect strangers.

Many of Matar's people died when villagers would not submit to questioning following a failed first attempt to push the village out of space/time. In an attempt to earn favor with the Ori, Matar revealed Teal'c's identity to Ori soldiers.

An attempt to expand the dimensional field with Merlin's computer was successful only moments prior to a bombardment on the village from orbiting Ori warships.


PLAYED BY - Aaron Craven
FIRST APPEARED - Line in the Sand


Line in the Sand - Matar is more than willing to betray the lives of would-be friends in the event he can spare the lives of his own people to the Ori.