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Governor of Camelot. Authoritative, but not unyielding, Meurik welcomed SG-1 to the village and gave them a meal at a local pub. He was swayed by them only when Dr. Daniel Jackson mentioned Merlin who some from Camelot considered to be a "wizard of darkness."

Meurik also maintained the status quo that only men could be trained with the sword in the event that King Arthur returned to amass his forces. Women could only participate in sparring.

When the Black Knight began emerging and terrorizing the population Meurik -- discovering the Earth team was to blame -- insisted that SG-1 depart. But he soon learned that they had magically found their own way back into Merlin's subterranean caves. When the knight emerged again Cameron Mitchell defeated it -- only with the help of a lady -- Valencia, who had pulled the sword from the stone.

By this act, she heralded the prophecy that Arthur would soon return. Now to be honored in their society, Daniel and Cameron were invited to stay and wait alongside them. Unfortunately the Ori were about to make a play for the Milky Way Galaxy, and Meurik told them all he knew as to the whereabouts of the Sangraal.


PLAYED BY - John Noble (web site)


Camelot - Meurik welcomes guests into Camelot, not realizing they have arrived to unlock the secrets of Merlin.