Michael's hive scientist

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Leading scientist from the hive guided by the Wraith known as Michael. This Wraith had been planning a means to deliver Dr. Carson Beckett's iratus retrovirus into his Queen's enemy hive ships.

The scientist was one of three Wraith admitted into Atlantis. He worked with Dr. Beckett and Radek Zelenka in the hopes of devising a better means of deployment for the retrovirus other than in gaseous form -- but eventually he was overruled.

This hive's plans were eventually revealed when the Queen had what she wished: the mission plans for the Aurora and the coordinates to a new feeding ground. The scientist captured and imprisoned Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex, informing them that the hive had plotted a course for Earth.


PLAYED BY - James Lafazanos


Allies - Michael's hive scientist travels to Atlantis under the pretense of exchanging information in order to convert Wraith into humans.