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President of Russia during the Henry Hayes administration in the U.S. President Mikhailov communicated directly with General Jack O'Neill and Russian liaison Colonel Chekov via a secure link to Stargate Command. O'Neill and Chekov contacted him to warn him of the possibility that Russian Defense Minister Miroslav Kiselev had been compromised by the Goa'uld.

Mikhailov, who feared the United States presidency may have been compromised, apparently discovered the truth about his defense minister. As Kiselev attempted to start a full-scale nuclear conflict on his own, Mikhailov likely removed him from his position, ordering the silo doors closed.


FIRST APPEARED - Full Alert (voice only)


Full Alert - O'Neill and Chekov convince President Mikhailov that the Goa'uld threat does not lie in the U.S. administration, but his own.