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The son of Kendrick, a young and curious boy who has always lived within the atmospheric containment dome on P3X-289. Nevin had little knowledge of the toxic world beyond its barrier, and idolized Jack O'Neill after meeting him. But the Link, a computer system to which he and the rest of his town was connected, reprogrammed his memory to make him wish instead to be a gardener like his father.

Nevin was educated from the comfort of his own bedroom, accessing interactive lessons through his Link node into a database designed to teach him.

When Pallan and Samantha Carter disabled the Link, Nevin's memories of SG-1's presence in his village were wiped -- including his memory of O'Neill. Shortly afterward he was permanently disconnected from the Link and sent with his father and the rest of their people to another planet, allowing them to grow and expand without the hindrances of the shrinking dome.


PLAYED BY - Liam Ranger


Revisions - SG-1 saves Nevin, his father, and the rest of their town from the Link, a connection to a super-computer that is rewriting their memories -- and which is believed to have sent Nevin's mother to her death.