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Trading partner of the Athosians, Orin is an old friend of Tagan and his daughter Teyla. Orin was visited by Teyla and John Sheppard, who informed his people that the Wraith would be passing very near to his planet. Teyla made Sheppard promise to try to return with their Puddle Jumper to save Orin and his family.

After nightfall the Wraith entered a hyperspace "pit stop" in orbit of Orin's planet. Wraith Darts descended and culled nearly the entire village. But Orin, many of his family, and several others among his people were spared from the cullings when they joined Sheppard and Teyla aboard the cloaked Jumper on the planet's surface.


PLAYED BY - Terence Kelly
FIRST APPEARED - Letters From Pegasus


Letters From Pegasus - Teyla visits Orin, only to haul him away from his home with the Wraith attack his planet.