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"The Others" is a term commonly used to refer to the majority of ascended beings, including the Ancients, who exist on a higher plane and concern themselves little with the affairs of mortals.

A small handful of ascended beings has departed from the philosophy of the Others, toeing a fine line when it comes to their rules against interfering with the affairs of lower beings. This includes Oma Desala, Orlin, Merlin, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Morgan Le Fay.

See also: Ancients


Threads - Daniel encounters the Others in a realm between life and death, where they appear as diners in Oma Desala's diner ... who show no interest in him.
The Quest, Part 2 - Daniel explains his checkered past with the Others, who Merlin has also dealt with -- and who he fears the Ori will one day become powerful enough to wipe out.