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Designation given to the planet where the Ori successfully created and activated the second Supergate in the Milky Way Galaxy. Like Kallana, this planet was most likely consumed by a black hole to form the event horizon for the Supergate.

SG-1, aboard the Odyssey, traveled to the Pegasus Galaxy equipped with an eighth-chevron dialing crystal and a Milky Way gate. With these they dialed a standard Stargate placed at the coordinates of PGG-002. They then detonated directed warheads at the open wormhole, causing it to leap instead to the Supergate -- activating it and blocking the Ori from being able to dial in again.


HOME TO - Destroyed


The Pegasus Project - A Milky Way Stargate, positioned in the Pegasus Galaxy, dials a repositioned Stargate in the Milky Way in the hopes of tying up the Ori Supergate with a busy signal.