Paul Davis

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Officer based at the Pentagon, Major Paul Davis serves as envoy and consultant to the S.G.C. on matters dealing with the Stargate and internal security.

Quick to judge and always an opinion at the tip of his tongue, Davis has served his country well through both the Pentagon and the S.G.C. He has frequently been subject to the mishaps of the organization, having once been duplicated by mimetic aliens seeking to subvert the government. Often Davis stands alongside General George Hammond as a liaison back to the Pentagon, monitoring situations and preparing for action. He once traveled to Russia to institute peace talks in order to obtain their dial-home device, hoping the equipment would save Teal'c's life. Dedicated to the interests of the United States, Davis was tremendously opposed to giving over plans for the naquadah reactor.

Davis finally joined the team on a mission when a Goa'uld mothership appeared in Earth's orbit. He has also been known to safeguard the S.G.C. against nosy reporters who would like to expose secret military projects.

In any capacity, Paul Davis has proven himself as an invaluable member of the United States government and an adopted member of the S.G.C., improving the chances of success in any mission with which he is involved.


PLAYED BY - Colin Cunningham (web site)
FIRST APPEARED - A Matter of Time


A Matter of Time - Hammond is introduced to Major Davis when the SGC cannot terminate a connection to a world near a black hole. Davis takes the general to a meeting in Washington, D.C.
Into the Fire - The S.G.C.'s new liaison to the Pentagon, Davis is given the unfortunate task of telling the S.G.C. that they are not authorized to attempt to rescue SG-1 from Hathor.
Foothold - Along with the rest of the S.G.C.'s personnel, Davis is captured by a group of aliens and impersonated by one of them.
Nemesis - Davis joins the S.G.C. when Replicators take control of an Asgard mothership and takes it to Earth, in an attempt to infest the planet. Davis monitors the ship from the S.G.C., while SG-1 works to stop them from the ship in orbit.
Small Victories - Davis conducts a military operation on a captured Russian sub, whose crew has been killed by a surviving Replicator.
Tangent - Major Davis assists the S.G.C. in a rescue operation when Teal'c and Colonel O'Neill are trapped in a modified Goa'uld death glider, which is heading out to deep space.
Absolute Power - In Jackson's vision of a possible future, Davis participates in his plan to construct a powerful orbital defense system -- and is surprised to see Daniel's list of demands.
48 Hours - Jackson and Davis travel to Russia to negotiate for use of the Russian D.H.D. to save Teal'c's life.
Descent - Davis joins Jacob and SG-1 on a mission to investigate a Goa'uld mothership in Earth's orbit.
Prometheus - Davis attempts to silence a news reporter about to expose a secret government project, but must negotiate with a group of terrorists when the ruse gives them control of the X-303.
Smoke and Mirrors -
Disclosure - Along with General Hammond, Davis presents the existence of the Stargate program and extra-terrestrials to the Chinese, British and French governments.
Zero Hour - Davis works with the newly-promoted General O'Neill and the Amran delegation, as well as strategizing a way to save SG-1 from Baal.
Moebius, Part 1 - In an alternate timeline Davis recruits Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter into a newly-formed Stargate program.
Stargate: Continuum - Major Davis appears at Stargate Command as SG-1 prepares to head off-world for Baal's execution.
Enemy At the Gate - Davis liaisons with Colonels Carter and Sheppard at Stargate Command as Earth comes under threat from a Wraith hive ship.