Pegasus light aliens

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Small, glowing entities which bear a striking resemblance to the Light aliens of M4C-862. However, their behavior suggests that they are not sentient, but possess rudimentary instinct. Consequently, they do not fear the Wraith or Humans. The creatures live inside small, smoking craters in the desert landscape.

Unlike their Milky Way cousins, encounters with these creatures indicate they can be destroyed when crushed between the fingers (instead of burning an individual when coming in contact with flesh), and also when they are hit by an Ancient drone weapon.

The light aliens appear to have no interest in retaliation when they are harmed. A power bar makes them swarm with interest, and they seem capable of ingesting it.

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FIRST APPEARED - The Defiant One


The Defiant One - Sheppard and his unit come across glowing light creatures while traipsing on foreign world in the Lantean star system.