Prior (Counterstrike planet)

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A Prior in the service of the Ori, killed when the Free Jaffa launched an attack on the planet the Prior had recently helped to convert to the religion of Origin. The Prior greeted the assembled people from a balcony and introduced the Orici, Adria.

The Prior was annihilated (leaving only his robes behind) when the Jaffa leader Se'tak ordered the Ancient super-weapon on Dakara deployed against the planet. A wave of energy emanating through the planet's Stargate wiped away every human in the village, as well as the Prior -- leaving only Adria alive, thanks to her protective pendant.

As with most Priors nothing is known about the man before he became a servant of the Ori. He is presumably a native of their home galaxy.


PLAYED BY - Peter Nicholas Smyth
FIRST APPEARED - Counterstrike


Counterstrike - A Prior introduces a village of new converts to the Orici, but is killed by a wave of energy from the Dakara super-weapon.