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Chief Negotiations Officer for the Federal Security Council on P4M-328. Quartus arrived at the scene of a "rebel" break-in to a museum following Lourdes Malay's failed attempts to negotiate. He assured SG-1 that all the teams' demands would be met following the extraction of the hostages, guests at a museum event who were present when SG-1 arrived.

To help SG-1 maintain control long enough to escape, museum curator Cicero instructed the team to make a specific list of demands, including freeing already-captured rebels, ordering the viceroy to dissolve his government, and making a public statement on a transmitter system. Quartus agreed to none of these.

Eventually he and his team moved in on the museum, only moments after SG-1 had reactivated the Stargate with a Goa'uld naquadah bomb (now depleted). After being convinced by Cameron Mitchell, Quartus agreed to let the team go. But he promised everyone present that none of the people would ever discover they had been visited by beings from another world.


PLAYED BY - Ron Canada


Bad Guys - Quartus attempts to negotiate for the freedom of the rebel hostages, knowing full-well his government will eventually be willing to sacrifice them in exchange for access to the dissidents.