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Young resident of Camelot, trained in sword techniques in the event King Arthur returns in his lifetime to fight in a conflict. His sister, and sparring partner, is Valencia, whose greatest responsibility is to help him train.

Colonel Cameron Mitchell gave the siblings pointers in the artistry of sword combat just before pushing his need to locate Merlin's library. Ramus and Valencia took SG-1 to the door, but were unable to get them in without a key.

Ramus was no doubt surprised he learned it was his sister who successfully pulled the sword from the stone to help Colonel Mitchell fight the Black Knight. This act heralded the confirmation of the prophecy that King Arthur would soon return to gather his forces and fight.


PLAYED BY - Connor Crash Dunn


Camelot - Ramus prepares for a day when Arthur returns to his village to gather his forces, not realizing it is his sister, Valencia, who will play a greater role.