Replicator spray

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A white spray emitted from the ventral side of Replicators, highly toxic and fatal if it comes in contact with human tissue.

The primary purpose of Replicator spray is to break down technological matter quickly and efficiently for the bug to consume. The material broken down is then converted into additional blocks for the multiplication of their army.


Nemesis - Replicators swarming the Asgard ship Belikner use their spray to break up and digest the metal alloys of which the ship is made.
Small Victories - A Replicator sprays its deadly venom in the face of a Russian officer aboard a Foxtrot submarine.
Enemies - Replicators stow themselves aboard Goa'uld crates and then use their spray to make their escape into a new ship.
Menace - Reese's first Earth-based Replicator uses its spray in the hopes of escaping confinement in a glass case, and is swiftly destroyed by Teal'c.