Rogelio Duran

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Café waiter and local tour guide in Honduras, who aided Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee when they arrived in the country searching for a piece of alien technology. The café at which Rogelio works is 20 miles outside Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Rogelio uses his brother, who owns a truck, to drive him to various parts of the country. He's a strict businessman who is not willing to bend, even for gas money, and insists that the "good stuff" (meaning ancient ruins ripe for tourists) lie to the north of his home area, and not to the south, where lies an ancient waterfall.

While aiding Drs. Jackson and Lee Rogelio was shot when he fled capture by a band of Honduran terrorists, led by Raphael. He survived alone in the forest until Jack O'Neill and Burke found him alive several days later and promised to send help.


PLAYED BY - Zak Santiago
FIRST APPEARED - Evolution, Part 1


Evolution, Part 1 - Rogelio Duran takes Jackson and Lee on an expedition into the jungles of Honduras, and following capture tries to flee, only to be shot in the process.
Evolution, Part 2 - Duran, lying on the forest floor for days, encourages O'Neill and Burke to go after their friends -- because they still owe him money.