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One of the many S.G.C. units deployed out of Cheyenne Mountain. One incarnation of this team was been completely wiped out when Anubis decimated a Tok'ra base in the Risa System.

In another incident Conway was injured and Stevens killed when the team was attacked while guarding the Ancient transporter on P9G-844.

Members of SG-12 include (or have included):
Hadden (team leader)


In the Line of Duty - SG-12 is assigned to search for a new planet to relocate the Nassyans.
Show and Tell - SG-12 joins SG-1 and several Tok'ra to scout out and number the soldiers comprising new threat by a species known as the Re'tu.
Window of Opportunity - SG-12 journeys home ahead of schedule due to a team member breaking an ankle.
2001 - SG-12 is very nearly sent to locate possible planets for the Aschen homeworld, but the mission is stopped before they are deployed.
Allegiance - SG-12 is destroyed during the first wave of a Goa'uld onslaught of a Tok'ra base in the Risa System.
Lifeboat - SG-12 provides backup for SG-1 while they travel to P2A-347 and investigate the Talthun ship Stromos.
Evolution, Part 1 - SG-12 aids other SG units in attempting to capture a Kull Warrior.
Zero Hour - O'Neill sends SG-12 to help SG-3 in the search of SG-1 on P2X-887.
Icon - SG-12 travels to Tegalus to help pull Dr. Jackson from the planet, which is immersed in a civil war.
Avalon, Part 1 - General Landry completes a meeting with SG-12 before meeting with Colonel Mitchell for the first time. Later, they escort Vala Mal Doran back to Earth.
Origin - Colonel Mitchell escorts SG-12 to P3X-421 to ascertain the threat of an Ori Prior.
Arthur's Mantle - The team comes under attack by a crazed Sodan warrior.