Shadow creature

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Sentient being which was encased within an Ancient containment vessel for approximately ten thousand years. The question of whether or not is intelligent is still a matter of debate, though Dr. Rodney McKay suspected one might have greater luck communicating with a great white shark.

Little is known regarding the creature, though evidence indicates the Ancients were using it to advance their knowledge on ascension.

The creature shares identical physical traits to the half-ascended Anubis, being of an oily black color with a less-than-vaporous consistency. This suggests that the shadow creature was also trapped in the same "nether universe" as Anubis, and also why it failed to communicate -- the Ancients perhaps attempted to ascend a lower life form. It is also equally possible that the Ancients located this creature and captured it for study.


Hide and Seek - Jinto, attempting to find his way back to his part of the city, releases the shadow creature from its confines within an Ancient containment vessel.