Sharon Walker

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Camille Wray's long-time partner on Earth. Though a civilian who is (to our knowledge) uninvolved in the Stargate program, Sharon has been given clearance to know where Camille is -- stranded on the Destiny, an alien ship many galaxies away from Earth, unable to return home.

Since being stranded, though, Camille has visited Sharon at their home multiple times using the Ancient communication stones. Sharon welcomed her with open arms, despite the fact that Camille's consciousness was projected into another woman's body using the alien technology. Supportive and encouraging, she assured Camille that she would be waiting for her when she gets home and urged her to do whatever it takes to motivate the crew.


PLAYED BY: Reiko Aylesworth


Light - Camille Wray wishes anyone who discovers Eli's "message in a bottle" kino to tell Sharon that she was in her final thoughts.
Life - Camille returns home to her long-time partner, Sharon, using the Ancient communication stones, spending an evening with her before she must return to the dark confines of the Destiny.
Sabotage - Camille visits Sharon at home again using the stones, this time in the body of a quadriplegic scientist whose expertise is needed on Destiny.
Pathogen - Camille visits Sharon again, and learns that she is having a very difficult time coping with Camille's absence.