Sheila Jameson

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Wife of Alex Jameson, former CEO of Farrow-Marshall. Around the time The Trust fell to the Goa'uld she began to notice a change in her husband's behavior. He became more distant and far less interested in their relationship.

Suspecting an affair Sheila hired a private investigator to follow him. During that time he took several photos of him interacting with his business associates. But just days into the operation the investigator returned her money and pushed that she drop the matter entirely. Convinced he was scared, she refused to return the few photos he had taken.

Jameson later shared the little information she had with Dr. Daniel Jackson who was investigating a separate incident that occurred in the vicinity of a closed Farrow-Marshall plant in Edison, Virginia. She handed over the photos that were taken.

Sheila never knew that her husband had been taken as a host by a Goa'uld symbiote, intent on making a place for itself in the shadows of Earth culture.


PLAYED BY - Chilton Crane
FIRST APPEARED - Ex Deus Machina


Ex Deus Machina - Eager to locate her husband Alex, Sheila Jameson shares what little information she possesses relating to his disappearance with the Air Force who promise to look into the matter.