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Attendee of a museum reception on P4M-328. Sylvana attended the event with the assumption that she would be courting Heren, but she soon discovered that a fellow acquaintance, Varina, had the same plans. There had previously been bad blood between the two women, as Sylvana claimed Varina would always take what was rightfully hers.

Heren and Varina snuck into a closed portion of the museum for a romantic encounter. Following a lock-down of the museum, the three became hostages by people they believed to be "rebels" -- SG-1, who had actually arrived from Earth via the Stargate.

Still Sylvana's hatred for Varina was strong. The two entered a brawl with Heren in the middle, and were eventually separated by a shouting Dr. Daniel Jackson. Sylvana seemed to know something of rebels, as she was convinced SG-1 was not of their kind.


PLAYED BY - Haley Beauchamp


Bad Guys - Sylvana begins takes her personal feelings Varina out into the open, not phased by the fact that they are in a hostage situation.