Tamara Johansen

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Paramedic assigned to Icarus Base under Dr. Simms, now the only individual with medical training aboard the Destiny. Her friends know her as T.J.

Tamara had an extramarital affair with her commanding officer on the base, Colonel Everett Young, resulting in a pregnancy. Unaware of the baby, Young severed the affair in favor of his wife. These circumstances likely prompted this transfer. It is unclear if I.O.A. representative Camille Wray granted her request, as T.J. stayed at Icarus two weeks beyond her required tour of duty.

Several months into her pregnancy T.J. lost the baby after she was accidentally shot in the abdomen. While unconscious she found herself on the planet where Dr. Caine and other crew members had stayed behind, her daughter alive and healthy. She named the child Carmen, after the baby's grandmother (probably T.J.'s mother). Caine told her that the advanced alien species who created that solar system brought her there, saving her child's life and bringing her there for them to take care of. But it's not clear if T.J. believes the experience was real -- and that her daughter is alive.

The resources of Destiny severely limited, Johansen must draw upon all of her medical knowledge and experience to provide unconventional solutions. On board the Ancient ship T.J.'s medical expertise -- though far from expert -- has proved invaluable. In addition to caring for injuries she has successfully diagnosed alien ailments, conducted surgery, and synthesized the cure to a virus and an anesthetic from the venom of an alien creature.

Prior to the evacuation of Icarus Base, Johansen requested a transfer or discharge from the program, having won a scholarship to study medicine at a Seattle university.


PLAYED BY: Alaina Huffman


Actress Alaina Huffman is a cousin of SGU producer John G. Lenic.


Air, Part 1 - With the Icarus chief medical officer dead, Sergeant Tamara Johansen arrives aboard the Destiny with limited supplies and unrelenting crises.
Air, Part 2 - T.J. keeps vigil over Colonel Young, whom she believes is suffering from a form of neuropraxia.
Air, Part 3 - T.J. is forced to take drastic measures to keep a visiting Colonel Telford -- in Young's body -- from fatally injuring his host.
Light - The only medic aboard ship, T.J. is pre-selected by Colonel Young for a seat on a shuttle which will escape Destiny's presumed destruction inside a star.
Water - While Young retrieves fresh water from an alien world, Johansen must deal with an alien intruder, officer disciplinary problems, and Dr. Rush.
Earth - It is revealed that T.J. and Colonel Young had an affair at some point in the past, and that his wife Emily ultimately became aware of it.
Time - T.J. tells Eli that her father is a retired tailor, and that she has a sister with two kids back home.
Faith - The team finds a peaceful planet rich in natural resources, and T.J. attempts to stay behind -- for the sake of her baby, revealing to a few close friends that she is pregnant. But Colonel Young forces her to return to the ship.
Lost - T.J. reveals her pregnancy to Colonel Young, who promises they will find a way to make it work.
Incursion, Part 2 - After patching up the injured Lucian Alliance soldier Varro, T.J. is accidentally shot when a soldier from Earth tries to get the upper hand.
Intervention - Lying unconscious in the infirmary, T.J. finds herself in a rustic house back on the planet where they left Caine and the others, and is told she must leave her baby -- who she named "Carmen," after the child's grandmother -- there for them to take care of. It is uncertain whether this was all in her mind.
Visitation - When Caine and the others from Eden turn up on a shuttle T.J. is eager to see if her child is with them, but discovers that her experience was merely a vision -- and her baby did not survive.
Hope - T.J. must perform a dangerous transplant when Dr. Volker is diagnosed with an illness that threatens his life.
The Hunt - While exploring an alien forest T.J. is captured by an alien predator, and works to keep herself and Corporal Reynolds alive.
Epilogue - The Novans' historical records show T.J. another version of her life, one in which she died from A.L.S.