Tanis Reynard

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Hebridian prisoner who survived the crash of the prison transport vessel Seberus on a barren world. She and her fellow prisoners, Aden Corso and Lyle Pender, killed six of their eight guards, and for three years maintained control of the downed ship. When SG-1 arrived she and the others claimed to be crew members of the ill-fated vessel.

Reynard was made Corso's First Officer. After being attacked and injured by one of the remaining Serrakin prison guards, Reynard was returned to the S.G.C. for medical care. There she befriended Jonas Quinn, telling him lies of how her parents died when she was young (which might be true) and how she had been serving with "Captain Corso" since she graduated from flight school ten years earlier.

Wise to her lying, Jonas believed it was Reynard who instigated a breach in base computer security. Along with General Hammond he concocted a plan to bring the supposed "crew" of the Seberus to justice. He planted Earth's Stargate address into his computer, suggesting to Tanis that the address led the way to riches beyond her wildest dreams.

Reynard took the bait and stole the information from the computer, returning to collect her fellow criminals. Together they dialed the address and stepped through, only to be handcuffed on the other side and returned to the custody of her guard, Warrick. The three were able to continue on to their destination, where Reynard is believed to be serving out her full sentence.


PLAYED BY - Sarah Deakins


Forsaken - Tanis Reynard, along with the other two prisoners, masquerades as Seberus personnel upon the arrival of SG-1 in order to gain the trust of the Tau'ri.