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Inhabitant of the planet of the Cloister, sister to Avrid, member of the Cloister. Teer spent her entire existence within the boundaries of the Cloister's time dilation field. Long before her time her ancestors, who revered the Ancients, found the world and realized it was a refuge from the Wraith. Here, those within could meditate upon ascension in peace.

Teer possessed powers of omnipresence and foresight. She was able to see into places where she was not, but her thoughts were not able to penetrate the time dilation field. All her life she was aware that Colonel John Sheppard would come. She had known his face, remained continent for him all her life, and rested in the fact that he would lead the people to ascension. Ultimately, Teer believed ascension was the greatest goal and denied herself a majority of earthly pleasures, including a long life, to achieve it.

As she predicted, Colonel Sheppard was the final key in helping the people to ascend by encouraging them to confront their greatest fear, the sanctuary beast. After they had destroyed it, Teer, Avrid and the rest of their village ascended -- leaving Sheppard with his people.


PLAYED BY - Chad Morgan


Epiphany - Teer predicts the arrival of Colonel Sheppard and is convinced that he will be the last piece to the puzzle of what has been preventing them from ascending.