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Leader of her village on P9C-882 when they were visited by Ori warriors. Having regained their freedom following the downfall of the Goa'uld, Thilana and many of her people were unwilling to submit to Ori control. Others, like Matar, felt that survival was more important an alternative.

Thilana agreed to allow SG-1 to attempt to conceal her entire village by using a modified version of Merlin's computer to pull all people and structures out of phase with normal space-time. Many died when villagers would not submit to questioning following a failed first attempt.

An attempt to expand the field was successful only moments prior to a bombardment on the village from orbiting Ori warships.


PLAYED BY - Aisha Hinds
FIRST APPEARED - Line in the Sand


Line in the Sand - The resolve of Thilana and her people are tested when Ori soldiers threaten to burn their village to the ground if they do not reveal the presence of their would-be saviors, SG-1.