Tommy Levinson

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Member of Seth's cult, the son of Jason Levinson. Tommy was in college when he was "sucked in" to Seth Fargough's cult. For nine months he remained inside the compound north of Seattle, Washington. Meanwhile his father remained beyond the perimeter, hoping to catch a glimpse of his boy. The two had been estranged for some time.

When SG-1 arrived to extract the prisoners and capture or destroy Seth, the Goa'uld managed to bring them into his fold. Fortunately SG-1 was able to overcome the brainwashing and zat all the members of Seth's cult with a zat'ni'katel discharge, including Tommy.

Tommy was returned to his father with Seth's nish'ta brainwashing broken.


PLAYED BY - Stuart O'Connell


Seth - Tommy Levinson, now brainwashed in his ninth month within Seth's cult, does not realize he is about to be reunited with his father.