Troop transport

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Large, heavily armored Goa'uld transport vessel. The troop transport can carry a large compliment of Jaffa ground forces into battle.

Its armor provides the ship protection until landing, whereupon it opens doors that spill troops into the midst of battle. It is not known if the craft is armed with weapons.


USED BY - Goa'uld


The Fifth Man - A Goa'uld troop transport is sabotaged and crashes on a planet, allowing a Reole captive to escape.
Summit - Several Goa'uld transport vessels in Anubis's regime arrive in the vicinity of Revanna's Stargate to overrun the underground Tok'ra resistance movement.
Redemption, Part 2 - Rya'c spots a landing zone including gliders, Al'kesh, and at least one Goa'uld troop transport when he attacks Anubis's Ancient weapon.
Full Circle - A Goa'uld troop transport lands on Abydos to begin Anubis's ground invasion, in search of the Eye of Ra.
Lost City, Part 1 - Anubis arrives on P3X-439 in a troop transport to have his Jaffa executed for failing to achieve their objective: stopping SG-1 from acquiring the library of the Ancients.
Air, Part 1 - During an attack on the Icarus Base, a troop transport is shot down, shortly before touching down.