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Second rank engineer officer of the Stromos, a native of the planet Talthus. Tryan was responsible for maintaining several of the ship's vital life support systems. When he awoke within the body of Daniel Jackson the skeptical man found the whole situation hard to believe. In an act of desperation, Officer Pharrin had allowed Tryan's body to die as his stasis chamber lost power; but Tryan's consciousness was transferred into Daniel Jackson's body as a vessel.

Tryan was one of the more helpful consciousnesses in Jackson's body, able to work under pressure and pain rendered by the others within him. Jackson's body was eventually returned to the Stromos, where Tryan's consciousness was transferred into Pharrin's mind as an exchange for Stargate Command's help in finding a new homeworld for their people.


PLAYED BY - Travis Webster, Michael Shanks


Lifeboat - Tryan is dismayed when his beliefs are betrayed as he discovers his mind has been transferred into another's body.