Ver Egens

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Human descendants of the Alterans. Their native language is Ancient. The people live in the village of Ver Eger on Celestis, and are governed by the strict codes of Origin. Their belief system is firmly founded upon the Ori. They are led by the administrator who conducts them in Prostration, a six-hour vigil of worship to the Ori.

Historical knowledge beyond the Book of Origin is forbidden information to the townspeople, who are seen as Heretics to possess or believe in any knowledge that contradicts their sacred text. Heresy is punishable by death by fire on the Ara, with the entire town present to witness the cleansing process.

The Ver Egens' daily lives can be interrupted by the presence of a Prior, who they will kneel before in respect and acknowledgement of Ori authority.

A common afternoon greeting among Ver Egens is "Above the sun." They have a custom known as "sharing leaves," where the guest to a home is expected to say a blessing to the Ori before you drink.


HOMEWORLD - Celestis
FIRST APPEARED - Avalon, Part 2


Avalon, Part 2 - Daniel and Vala's minds are dropped into the bodies of Harrid and Sallis, a married Ver Egen couple.
Origin - Daniel and Vala return to Ver Eger to be burned on the Ara as proof to the Ver Egens that swaying from the Ori teachings is punishable by cleansing.<br/