Vern Alberts

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Technical sergeant stationed at Stargate Command. Alberts often operated consoles in the control room, including the dialing computer, and was also an aid of General Hammond. He was present for several important events at the S.G.C., including the signing of the treaty between Earth and the Tok'ra.

According to Jack O'Neill, Alberts is married.


PLAYED BY - Bill Nikolai


Pretense - Alberts is on-hand in the control room when the Tollan contact Earth.
Urgo - Sergeant Alberts dials Urgo's planet in the hopes that Urgo's creator can help dislodge the software from SG-1's brains.
New Ground - Alberts mans the dialing computer controls while SG-1 visits P2X-416.
Maternal Instinct - Alberts receives G.D.O. Special Code 2, indicating Bra'tac is requesting access to Earth.
Upgrades - Alberts is present while the Tok'ra Anise tests Atoniek armband technology on SG-1.
Divide and Conquer - Alberts admits the Tok'ra leader, Per'sus, to Earth, and later informs General Hammond that Air Force One has arrived.
Window of Opportunity - While looping through time, O'Neill asks about Alberts's wife.
Fallout - Alberts returns to man his post and receives the latest communications with Langara.