Vernon Sharpe

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Colorado Springs citizen who was disturbed to see interdimensional insects after coming into contact with the energy from an interdimensional visibility device recovered from another planet. SG-1 had to track down Vernon after he went on the run, spreading the alien device's energy (and with it the ability to see the creatures). Fearing that the government cover-up heralded disaster, Vernon attempted to escape the quarantine zone to Las Vegas, likely to his friend Chuck.

Jack O'Neill finally caught up with Vernon at a local airport just before his plane took off. O'Neill was able to convince the man that while he was really seeing aliens, his country needed him to keep a lid on what he had seen.

Mr. Sharpe manages a full-service gas station 30 kilometers north of Cheyenne Mountain. He served in the Motor Pool in the Persian Gulf, where he was a mechanic (and likely never in combat) responsible for servicing vehicles during their intermittent maintenance.

His mother left him when he was a small boy, and his father Roger then left young Vernon in the care of his grandmother.


PLAYED BY - Jody Racicot


Sight Unseen - Vernon, managing a full-service gas station, comes in contact with Colonel O'Neill and is soon able to perceive what appear to be interdimensional gastropods.