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Temporary base for the Tok'ra resistance movement. The Tok'ra abandoned the desert world when presented with the opportunity to establish a more permanent base off the Goa'uld map -- but that plan was later scrapped. The Vorash system's star was destroyed as part of a plan to annihilate most of Apophis's fleet. Vorash and the rest of the system were vaporized.

After the Tok'ra evacuated Vorash, they established a new base on the world of Revanna.


HOME TO - Destroyed
FIRST APPEARED - The Devil You Know


The Devil You Know - Teal'c visits the planet Vorash to ask the Tok'ra for their help in rescuing SG-1, Jacob and Martouf from the prison moon of Ne'tu.
Exodus - While the Tok'ra prepare the population for evacuation to a new world, the spy Tanith transmits their location to Apophis's fleet.