Altairan power pack

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Power pack fitted into the Altairan android copies of SG-1, developed by the android copy of Samantha Carter. An energy field in the underground Altair city would normally have powered the androids, but the copied SG-1, who were unable to ignore using their Stargate for exploration, devised an alternate means of power. Each unit fits into a cavity in the chest of the android.

Each pack is able to sustain a single android for 48 hours. As a matter of safety, the SG-1 copies would agree to return to Altair after only 24 hours.

Carter developed the power pack to detect signs of tampering with the technology. In the event that someone would try to dissect it, the device is rigged to explode. Touching two crystals on the opposite side of the converter causes this to occur.


Double Jeopardy - When the Goa'uld Ja'din begins to tamper with the deceased Daniel Jackson android's power pack, it soon explodes in her face.