Anatole Konstantinov

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Officer aboard the International Space Station who first took on Anubis's incorporeal, half-ascended form, directly from a hunk of remains from his destroyed mothership. After Konstantinov completed his tour he returned to Russia and eventually came in contact with his friend, Colonel Alexi Vaselov, after the cosmonaut had been admitted in a Moscow hospital. His symptoms included skin lesions and a highly elevated white blood count.

Vaselov did not realize he was speaking with an alien entity, who then took over the colonel's body to travel to Stargate Command. Konstantinov died less than a week later. Officially, the cause of his death was renal failure. The Russian doctors were unable to identify a connection with his symptoms.


PLAYED BY - Arvydas Lebeliunas


Lockdown - Dr. Brightman learns that Colonel Vaselov's friend, Anatole Konstantinov, experienced the same symptoms the Colonel did before he died.