Ancient control pedestal

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Broad device consisting of Ancient-inscribed squares in separate rows. The unit can come in designs with a 16-square interface as well as one with 24 squares, with two switches on either side of the console.

The device is adaptive and can perform a number of complex operations. Control pedestals have been responsible for operating such complicated devices as the Ancient time-loop device, the Dakara super-weapon and Merlin's Black Knight program.


Window of Opportunity - Malikai operates an Ancient control pedestal responsible for generating the time-loop device on P4X-639.
Reckoning, Part 2 - Sam and Jacob/Selmak work with Baal to modify an Ancient control pedestal to a threshold which will make the Dakara super-wepaon only destroy Replicators.
Camelot - Mitchell and Jackson are confronted with another Ancient control pedestal, this one directly responsible for controlling Merlin's Black Knight program.